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Not surprisingly, the White House is considering to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) and it may be followed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and other organizations. However, the practical mechanism for this turned out to be more difficult than the...
The German intelligence service is searching for 35 German jihādists in Egypt after Germany expressed concerns about Salafī threats to carry out terrorist operations on its soil.
North Sinai Governor Major General ‘Abd al-Fattāh Harhūr, after a tense meeting with the Copts in the border governorate, refused to allow them to leave the city under the pretext that there should be no succumbing to the terrorists.
Sharīf al-Hawārī, a prominent leader in the Salafi Call, has said that the recent law on preaching in mosques is ‘tailored against us’, and that the organization is aware of efforts to get rid of them, adding that Yāsir Burhānī, vice-president of the Salafist Call, was still waiting for a permit.
The terrorist organization of Bayt al-Maqdas announced its responsibility for the killing of the four security forces massacred in Rafah. Political and Islamic organizations accused the Muslim Brotherhood of supporting terrorist organizations to punish the Egyptian population for the 30th of July...
Salafi preacher, Muhammad al- Abassīrī, stated that the Salafis are a danger to Egypt and that they believe that the nation and ruler are apostates.
The text of the lecture of Prof. Dr. Hans Achterhuis
Before the bombing of the two churches in Ṭanṭa and al-Iskandariyya, there was a rising of the group Jamāʻa al-Islāmiyya al-Takfīriyya that is known as “al-Ṣaʿadūn Bil-Ḥaq”. Due to the political vacuum in Islamic organizations, a new organization has publicly appeared with an Islamic unification...
An Egyptian initiative for human rights will be taking place in Cairo next Tuesday. Its main aim is to declare some facts regarding the violence against, and the forced displacement of the al-ʿArīsh Copts; the initiative is known as “The Declared Death”. 


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