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Nawāl al-Saʿdāwī was born in Kafr Tahlah in Egypt's Delta, in 1931. Arab Women's Solidarity Association (AWSA) which was headed by al-Saʿdāwī  came to existence as an international non-profit organization that aims at promoting Arab women's active participation in social, economic, cultural, and...
[The interview was carried out by Cornelis Hulsman, the transcript was made by Fidel Bartholdy]
The court looks today in the request of lawyer Jābr Ibrāhīm Jābr to stop printing, publishing and using the book of ’The father of Adam’, the story between magic and reality, of author ʿAbd al-Ṣabūr Shāhīn under the Ḥisba law.
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