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The Cairo Criminal Court continues to hear the prosecutor's pleading in the retrial of the ousted President Muḥammad Mursī and 23 Brotherhood leaders in connection with Ḥamas with the maximum sentence imposed on the defendants. The session will be held under the chairmanship of Judge Muḥammad...
The Observatory of Takfiri Fatwas and Extremist Views affiliated to the Dār al-Iftāʾ of Egypt said that no movement or organization can succeed in undermining the foundations of the state and society by promoting violence through religious or sectarian claims.
Muhammad Alī ‘Afīfī, the leader of Ansār Bayt al Maqdis organization, made important statements in the interrogation that was supervised by Councilor Tāmir al- Firgāny, the Public Attorney of the State Security Prosecution.
A study of Hāzim al- Gamal, a lawyer at the Azhar, stated that the Azhar with its moderate thought has developed new theoretical pillars that include economic relations, politics and society as well as legislations.
The Salafi Front called for an Islamic Revolution under the name “A Revolt of the Muslim Youth” at the end of the current month, without specifically prohibiting the use of weapons. However, Salāh ʿAbd al-Maʿabūd a member of the high commission of the Nūr party said the effect of the Salafi Front...
The fundamental traditional Islam spread in Egypt not only among followers of Islamist political movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis, but also among the ordinary segments of the population, and after decades of abortions of any attempt to renew the religious discourse. A year...
The ongoing crisis between the Ministry of Endowments and the Da’wah al- Salafiah has reignited after statements by Dr. Sabry Ibādah, deputy of ministry of endowments.
The Endowments Department in Qena has started to investigate the chair of the syndicate of imāms and preachers in the governorate, Shaykh Qurāshī Salāmah
The Nūr Party has criticized Dr. Muhammad Mukhār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments, for implementing the law that prevents non- Azharites from giving sermons in mosques.  
Dr. Aḥmad Badr al-Dīn Ḥassūn, the Grand Mufti of Syria, stressed the common destiny of the Egyptian and Syrian peoples through the ages and the importance of the two countries in preserving the Arab entity.


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