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Shaykh Muhammad Abd al- Raziq, deputy of the ministry of Endowments for Mosque Affairs, announced the suspension of the protocol signed by the ministry and the Da’wah al- Salafia pertaining to giving sermons in mosques. 
Sources from the Salafī al-Nūr Party stated that two leaders of the party were assigned to communicate with the campaigns of al- Sīsī and Sabāhī, the presidential candidates, and coordinate with them to meet with the Salafī Da’wah 
The past few years have seen a large degree of chaos in the field of religious discourse in Egypt and, in particular, who has the right to issue fatwás. However, June 30th’s uprising reinstated that Dār al- iftā’, Committee of fatwá and the Committee of Da’wah Research are the only two institutions...
Grand Imam of the Azhar, Doctor Ahmad al-Tayyib, has declared at the first meeting of the Muslim Council of Elders in Abu Dhabi that they have a responsibility to resuce the ummah from its terrible fate that awaits them, saying that the da‘wah has been transformed by terrorists as a means to call...
The regional governorate departments of the Ministry of Endowments have begun receiving requests from Shaykhs of al- Da’wah al- Salafiah for preaching licenses.
Ahmad Turk, head of research and dā’wah at the Ministry of Endowments guaranteed that any speculation about mosque closures throughout the holy month of Ramadan is not true. All mosques will remain open and welcome to worshippers throughout the month. 
The Nūr Party has criticized Dr. Muhammad Mukhār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments, for implementing the law that prevents non- Azharites from giving sermons in mosques.  
Sources in the Nūr party have expressed their dismay at the new parliamentary elections law which have conditioned that both Copts and females be put on parties’ electoral lists. 
Anonymous sources in the Da’wah al Salafiah have stated to al- Watan that the Da’wah and the Nūr party requested the preachers affiliated to them not to talk politics during tomorrow’s Friday sermon. 
President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī met with Mafḍal Sayf al-Dīn, the Sultan of the Indian Bohra community, on Thursday. The two sides emphasized the importance of dialogue among all nations and all various faiths and communities. The Sultan of Bohra announced his support for Egypt and donated 10...


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