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CIDT’s Jayson Casper speaks to Sheikh Ahmad al-Sayih, a professor of Islamic doctrine at Al Azhar University who is originally from the governorate of Qena, about the attacks against Coptic Christians in Nag Hamadi.      
The author questions the efficiency of the congenital reconciliation sessions that are held after conflicts. A reconciliation agreement was violated in Qina, Upper Egypt when a man took revenge by killing a man, breaking the conventional reconciliation procedures.
The article covers a meeting attended by the leaders of al-Jamā‘ah al- Islāmīyah who spoke about their history and their plans for the future. They stressed the renunciation of violence and adopting peaceful means in their interaction with the regime and the society.
Often when people emigrate from Egypt they leave certain problems behind but encounter new obstacles in their new country of residence believes Rev. Menes Abdel Nūr. However the pastor believes in spite of the fact that Pope Shenouda is a great preacher he should not have interfered in politics.
Last year the Muslim Brotherhood issued the first draft of its political platform, the author comments that the document made use of modern democracy-based vocabulary but questions whether the platform really advocates a civil state.
The editorial highlights several interesting articles in this week’s issue, including a report about Christian missionary work and Islamic da‘wah. There is also an article in this issue about the oath that Christians say in Egyptian courts which Hulsman brings to the reader’s attention.
The Egyptian press analyzes the various repercussions of the declared introspections of the Jihād Group. Political observers and specialists in political Islam differ in their evaluation of these introspections.
‘Isām Dirbālah, a key figure of the Jamā‘ah Islāmīyah, in this interview with al- Ahrām newspaper from prison through his lawyer, says that the Jamā‘ah Islāmīyah, which is getting ready to resume its da‘wa and social activities, is no longer in confrontation with the state and is strongly committed...
Dr. Isma`il Al-Diftar spoke in an interview about Da’awa, Islamic mission. "The enemies of Islam are trying to confuse Muslims by telling lies and trying to prove them." About arguing with believers from other religions he says: "We have to be careful and get to know our religion well. If I am...


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