Invitation for October 12 lecture Cornelis Hulsman on Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt

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Wed, 2021-10-06
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On October 12 Cornelis Hulsman, editor-in-chief of Arab-West Report, will provide in a lecture at St. John the Baptist Church in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, a reflection on 30+ years of research and reporting about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt. He will provide examples of tensions dating back to the mid-1990s that were widely portrayed in various media as tensions between Muslims and Christians but that were in fact reflecting societal tensions and injustices but since Egypt is an overwhelmingly religious country religion, unfortunately, became part of these tensions. Christians have at times also become the victims of terrorism attacks, but one should realize also Sufi Muslims, judges, police and military personnel have been attacked.

This lecture is hosted by the Spiritual Center for Training and Studies (SCTS) in Cairo and will be live streamed. If you are living in Cairo please join us at St. John the Baptist Church, corner Rd. 17 and Street 82 (close to the Port Said street and close to the Maadi House) in Maadi, Cairo, 18.00 – 21.00 hrs. And if you are living outside Cairo join us on zoom at


St. John the Baptist Church


Cornelis Hulsman first lectured in 2004 for the SCTS and continued to do twice per year about 2000 years of Christian history in Egypt and the complexities and diversity in Muslim-Christian relations throughout the centuries. Cornelis Hulsman was always allowed to take student interns of the Centre for Arab-West Understanding with him.


Cornelis Hulsman is a strong opponent to one-sided stories about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt. The differences between the two components of society are small. Real differences one finds between peoples of different social classes. Religion is not very important for many people in the Egyptian upper class, but this is very different in middle and lower social classes.


It is one thing to focus on misreporting, but one should also report about the achievements in Muslim-Christian cooperation. These are many more but under reported in comparison to the few attacks and tensions that indeed have taken place. Also, these will be highlighted in Hulsman’s lecture.



Cairo, October 6, 2021


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