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Since the beheading of a French history teacher by a religious extremist in France, French officials have been facing outcry on social media for their statements insisting the incident is linked to Islam. 
The Coptic Orthodox Church announced that priests from its dioceses in al-Minyā, Abū Qurqāṣ, and Sharq al-Nīl held another meeting with members from the Azharian Zone and al-Azhar University in al-Minyā to promote peace and fight misconceptions among young people. The meeting was led by Bishop...
A video being circulated on social media showing Christian children reenacting the kidnapping and execution of Egyptian Copts in Libya in 2015 by ISIS has incited anger after it was reported that it was filmed inside one of the churches.
The Coptic Orthodox Church announced that a new issue of the magazine al-Kirāza will only be published electronically due to the Coronavirus.
Over the last two decades, the Coptic Orthodox Church has expressed its opposition to several films and television shows, both domestic and international, resulting in the cancellation of some of these works and censorship of others.  The reasons for the church’s disapproval vary.
The governorate of al-Minyā made a statement, emphasizing that what is being published and circulated on social media about the destruction of al-Fatḥ Mosque in Dafsh village in the center of Samāllūt is not true. 
August 29 marks the anniversary of the death of Palestinian cartoonist Nājī al-ʿAlī, who is considered one of the most important Palestinian artists able to express the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in art.
The Media Center of the Coptic Orthodox Church announced the launch of an official Facebook page under the name of “The Coptic Media Center”.
The Shahāwiyya Sufi Order, headed by Muḥammad al-Shahāwī, described the Muslim Brotherhood’s media as treacherous conspirators, emphasizing that it broadcasts evil and blood to ruin life in Egypt and cause harm to its stability. 
The criminal court in Dokki [al-Duqqī], Giza, referred the lawsuit being raised by Bishop Aghāthūn, bishop of Maghāgha and al-ʿIdwah, against journalist Sāra ʿAllām to the circuit specialized in publication matters.  Aghāthūn accused ʿAllām of insulting and defaming Pope Shinūda and Pope Tawāḍrūs...


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