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Egyptian President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī met today with Advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, Mrs. Ivanka Trump, at his residence in Blair House.
Today, The Board of Directors of the Jordanian Businessmen Association (JBA) explored with the Egyptian Ambassador to Jordan, Sharīf Kāmil, different means of strengthening economic cooperation between Egypt and Jordan and developing their trade initiatives.   
President Abdul Fattāḥ al-Sīsī has received a phone call this afternoon from the Iraqi Prime Minister ‘Adel Abdul Mahdī.   
In an interview broadcast today on the Sudanese TV, Lieutenant General Abdul Fattāḥ al-Burhān, head of the Transitional Military Council of Sudan, thanked Egypt for its support to his country and the choices of the Sudanese people, and for its role as the President of the African Union (AU) in...
In late May this year, the Christian Orthodox families will participate in the first joint ecclesiastical conference in Egypt under the slogan “Love” and under the auspices of Pope Tawāḍrūs II.
A special meeting is held for the youth at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria. Many clerics will be present, amongst them Pope Tawāḍrūs II.
The Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib met today with the Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz during his visit to Cairo.
The group had asked for the meeting with Dr. Mahmoud Khayyal since he is a former professor at the Islamic Azhar University but had left the university as a secularist. The group wanted to understand the factors that had played a role in changing his beliefs. The discussion started with everybody...
The International Mission for the Follow-up to the Referendum on the Constitutional Amendments of Egypt is a coalition composed of 3 international organizations and one Egyptian organization. The mission is preparing to follow up the referendum on the amendments to Egypt’s 2014 Constitution, slated...
Within the framework of their external tour for inviting the Egyptian expatriates to exercise their right to participate in the Referendum on Constitutional Amendments, the delegation of the Future of a Nation (Mustaqbal Waṭan) Party met with the leadership of the Egyptian community in Italy.


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