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Because of the attack of Selim Naguib, the RNSAW included the full text of the Report of the Council of Churches which concludes "It does not appear that the national government condones any acts of persecution of the Christian minority in Egypt." But " This is not to say that there is no...
Greeting form the Copts to the Muslims on the occasion of the eid-el-adha.
Religious leaders and NGO representatives commemorate the death of the late Revd. Samuel Habib, leader of the Coptic Evangelical Church.
The paper congratulates President Hosni Mubarak on his creative initiative, in inviting a delegation from the New York Churches Council to visit Egypt and see for themselves the truth about their ill-meaning allegations of the presence of religious persecution or discrimination against the...
Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Amr Moussa, welcomed the report of the New York Council of Churches, using it as proof that there is no difference between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.
Indian Muslim organization, Jamaat-e-Islami will hold its conference in Kerala on April 18-19 and focus on Muslim unity.
Briefing on New York Churches council’s visit to Egypt saying Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt are very different from what is said and published in the USA.
An American Church delegation visited Egypt and concluded at the end of their five day visit that allegations made in the American media about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt are not true.
The Grand Imam and Sheikh of Al-Azhar mosque and Mohamed Hamdi Zakzouk Minister of Religious Endowments met with a delegation from American churches to answer questions about religious issues in Egypt.
A book on the nature of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt is reviewed. The book points out the friendly nature of relationships between Muslims and Copts in Egypt throughout history. It concentrates mainly on the role of one priest in the 1919 revolution; Father Sergious preached against the...


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