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The article presents the stories of a number of stories that have been circulating in the press involving the disappearance of a Coptic girl, a street fight between Muslims and Christians, and the blame allegedly being unfairly placed on the Copts involved in the incidents.
The article discusses how fanaticism is only being further spread on the Egyptian streets with the distribution of CD’s that deride the beliefs of others.
Three incidents ring the bell of sectarian strife in Alexandria. Two of them are education related and the third is the disappearance of a Coptic teenager.
The article discusses the author’s view of how Egypt will change over the coming years, and how these changes will affect the minorities in the political and social spheres.
Pope Shenouda III asserted national unity between Muslims and Christians in Egypt can stand strong in the face of any threat.
The article discusses the alleged disappearance of a 17 year old Coptic girl, Nora Ayoub Sanad.
The author discusses the tradition of Ramaḍān Ifṭār banquets, and the “rosy picture” that they present of Muslim-Christian relations.
The article discusses the process of increasing the space allocated for religious items in the media during the Muslim holy month of Ramaḍān, and the decrease in articles that discuss topics related to non-Muslims.
The author criticizes the media in Egypt for only furthering adding to divisions between Muslims and Christians, and the need to spread a culture of tolerance.
The article discusses a dispute between a church and a mosque over a plot of land, and to whom it legally belonged.


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