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Shams al-Dīn, author of a book entitled, ‘al-‘Awānis’ [The Spinsters], has been accused of being in contempt of religion and slandering and insulting monks and bishops.
Three officers claim that the wireless devices used in the Security Directorate of Alexandria were out of order which made them unable to receive SOS messages during the sectarian incidents which recently took place in Alexandria.
The author states that Copts did not authorize Americans or anyone else to solve their problems.
The article narrates a story of a former Catholic priest who converted to Islam, adopted the Islamic name of Idrīs Tawfīq, and became an Islamic Dā‘yah.
The article discusses the Armenian genocide during World War One, stressing that unless nations are capable of learning from their history and admitting to their mistakes, that such mistakes will continue to be made in the future.
The article discusses the alleged disappearance of Coptic girls, criticizing the difficulties that parents face in being able to file a legal document to report their daughter’s disappearance.
The Middle East Christian Association is facing troubles with the Egyptian authorities. Two of its members in Egypt are in jail, facing charges of contempt against Islam.
In an exclusive meeting with Ṣawt al-Ummah, Nāhid Mitwallī, a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity 17 years ago, speaks about the details of her conversion, her doctrinal and faithful background and the new issues in her case.
Three Coptic thinkers denounce Nāhid Mitwallī’s insults against Islam and stress the values of the freedom of creed and the respect for all
Ālā’ Hamzah reports on a documentary film produced by the Middle East Christian Association entitled, ‘The Persecution of Copts in Egypt,’ that presents claims about Copts being discriminated against since the Islamic conquest of Egypt.


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