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The sectarian sedition which occurred in Alexandria and moved from Muharram Bik to al-‘Asāfrah and al-Jaysh Street in al-Dikhīlah could also move to other places if the individuals responsible are not exposed and punished.
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Malik attempts to sail deeper to the roots of the current socio-political, economic, and cultural crises storming the Arab and Islam worlds. He believes that Egypt, at the heart of both worlds, is affected by the changes taking place in the region, which appears in the sectarian...
The Elementary Court in Alexandria releases the seven suspected in al-Dikhīlah sectarian violence incidents. Moderate of both sides held a reconciliation session at the end of which they issued recommendations to avoid any similar incidents in the future.
While moderate voices call for equality and denounce discrimination, the author reports the alleged expulsion of the head of the Department of Industry and Professional Diseases at al-Qaṣr al-‘Aynī Faculty of Medicine for the simple reason of being a Christian.
Arab Business Channel broadcast a 20 minute interview on June 25 about AWR work and the need to improve media reporting. Comment on Rev. Bāqī Sadaqah Girgis criticizing Fahmī Huwaydī for stating the development of a rift between Muslims and Christians.
The article reviews a number of speeches delivered during last Friday’s prayers in different cities across the country.
Two 13-year-old Christian kids were forced to sit an Islamic education exam at school after their father’s conversion to Islam. Their mother filed a claim and complained to the civil status court.
Victor Wahīb Fām was the only Coptic candidate who ran for the Shūrá Council elections of al-Fayyūm governorate, but security pressure forced him to concede his candidacy in favor of the National Democratic Party candidate Hānī Sayf al-Naṣr.
A new sectarian incident took place in al-Dukhaylah province in Alexandria when some Muslims attacked a Coptic Orthodox Church after a normal quarrel between Muslim and Christian children. The attack left 25 injured on both sides and damages to the church building.
The article discusses an incident of violence between Muslims and Christians. The incident started with a simple quarrel on the street, which appeared to have been resolved until the following day when the violence erupted.


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