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On April 8 Tariq Ramadan delivered his first public address in the U.S. since the Bush administration revoked his visa in 2004. Ramadan in known for his ability to speak favorably to both leftists and Islamists. However some have derided Ramadan as much more radical than he initially appears. Other...
Fikrīya Ahmed reports on the possible decision not to allow Muslim Brotherhood leaders to attend a Dutch conference on Islam in the Netherlands.
This article discusses the appropriateness of Egyptian knowledge concerning Israeli arts and culture. It is argued that it is important for Egypt to be a part of the global culture, and so have a vast understanding of the world around them. This includes Israel, although many in Egypt consider...
The Criminal Court releases 16 members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
 An article focussing on the confusion over the future of moderate Islamic website IslamOnline.
This article deals with a number of different ways in which the Muslim-Christian relationship is thought of and portrayed in Egypt, as well as the influence of expatriate Copts. The article begins with describing how some prominent Muslims believe that it is Copts outside of Egypt who mostly incite...
Al-Wafd interviews Abū al-‘Illā Mādī, Secretary General of al-Wasat Party, asking about reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 
Al-Wafd interviews Muntasir al-Zayāt, a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, concerning reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 
Khalīl highlights a valuable piece of research presented at the second conference of “Egyptians against Discrimination” , entitled the name ‘Education and Citizenship’.
An article on the new leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood and the latest crackdowns following the election of the new general guide Mohamed Badie.


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