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In a recent courtroom incident a Muslim lawyer claimed there is no Christianity in Egypt and tried to attack the Christian lawyer Najīb Jibrā’īl.
Shams al-Dīn, author of a book entitled, ‘al-‘Awānis’ [The Spinsters], has been accused of being in contempt of religion and slandering and insulting monks and bishops.
Swedish cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad arouse wide protests in the Muslim countries. Muslims worldwide protest the cartoons, the newspaper, and the artist. Some Muslim countries prepared official complaints to the Swedish government and the Egyptian press observed Muslim scholars’ opinions...
Dr. Wasīm al-Sīsī believes that Egyptians are more likely to be the chosen people of God than Jews as they have the long-standing civilization, sciences, and ethics that Jews lack. He also believes that Jews have stolen the heroic stories of the Pharaonic kings and wrongfully recorded them in their...
The article reports on the angry reactions of Muslim countries after new caricatures which mock the Prophet Muhammad were published in a Swedish newspaper.
The author argues that men of religion, lawyers, and less-educated people have become Egyptian society’s decision-makers and its new intellectual elite. They are an influential force that shapes the mind of the average citizen on the issues of conversion and Muslim-Christian relations.
Shaykh Abū Islām ‘Abd Allāh launched al-Ummah satellite channel in response to al-Ḥayāh Christian channel’s continuous offenses against the Prophet Muhammad and Islam. Abū al-Islām declared his intention to launch a new channel exclusively for woman wearing the Niqāb. He called on leading...
The author discusses the issue of books in Egypt spreading the ideal of sedition. He questions why these books are permitted to be published, and stresses the damage that this causes to the principles of citizenship.
‘Ādil Jundī writes his article from the perspective of a Muslim Egyptian, saying that he would work hard to purify his religious heritage by subjecting it to reason and research.
The author discusses the knighthood being awarded to Salman Rushdie, author of “The Satanic Verses.” This action has again fuelled tensions between the Arab world and the West. The author comments on the situation, and questions where this animosity really originates.


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