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The author talks about an interview that involved Jamāl al-Bannā and Azhar scholars. The Azhar scholars reminded al-Bannā he was old and al-Bannā called for the purification of jurisprudence. He also discusses the fact that fatwás concerning the behavior and dress of women as sexual objects have...
The appearance of bizarre fatwás goes against the tolerant nature of Islam writes Amānī Mājid.
A Christian mother and Muslim convert father, now separated, fight for the custody of their 13 year-old twins. The father wins the battle even though Egyptian law states that children under the age of 15 should stay with their mother, regardless of religion. The twins state that they are Christian...
Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī issues a fatwá urging Muslims to reduce the prayer time during working hours so as not to exceed 10 minutes.
Claire Naṣīf comments on a fatwā delivered by a Palestinian shaykh affiliated to the Hamās faction in which he called for his countrymen to kill Egyptian boarders troops when they overthrow Egypt’s boarders at Gaza.
The author Ṣalāh al-Dīn Ḥāfiz criticizes the Egyptian regime of misusing religious institutions, whether Islamic or Christian, in order to achieve political gains, warning of the harmful consequences of such policies.
Egyptian media has published abstracts from Imām’s book of revisions. The book was recently published to announce al-Jihād Islamic organization’s initiative to quell violence and lead interventions.
Muḥammad Nūr reports on the opinions of Egyptian Muslim scholars about a recent Fatwá allowing time-limited marriage contracts.
Muḥammad Nūr gauges the opinions of Muslim scholars on the decision of the Azhar to dismiss Dr. ‘Izzat ‘Aṭiyyah for releasing a Fatwá demanding that female workers breastfeed their male colleagues.
In his interview with the Egyptian Muftī, Ahmad Hassan tackles recent controversial issues involving the Muftī. He discusses the issuance of false Fatwás, and combats the political intrigue that aims at shaking his status as a Muslim cleric, saying that his status as a cleric is unshakable.


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