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The article comments on Bishop Thomas who claims that Copts in Egypt are forced to isolate themselves, and stressed the need for action in appealing their cause.
Missionary activities can often cause heated debates amongst religions around the world. In this report Shaymā’ Abū al-Khayr and Sharīf al-Dawākhilī analyze the situation in Egypt from both the Muslim and Christian sides.
This article defends Nawwāl al-Sa‘dāwī from the criticism received over her autobiography, stating that her detractors have not read her work and distort her message.
The author discusses marriages between Muslims and Christians, drawing on the opinions of sociologists and psychologists as to why people are falling in love across religious lines and why this seems to be such a problem in Egyptian society.
The article mentions books that have been banned or approved by the Islamic Research Academy.
The article examines the legal issues surrounding the imprisonment and presidential pardon of Ibrāhīm ‘Īsá.
Review of the Cairo press in which three controversies are discussed. First, a Fatwá banning serving food or drinks during the day during Ramadan. Second the story of Qistantīn, a priest’s wife who disappeared and supposedly converted to Islam, and now lives in seclusion in a monastery, amid rumors...
The Bar Association’s Freedoms Committee has called for a conference to discuss press freedom.
Dr. Zaynab Radwān, the deputy speaker of the Egyptian People’s Assembly created heated debates in Egypt when she stated that a woman’s testimony in court is equal to that of man and that the non-Muslim wife of a Muslim husband should enjoy the same rights to inherit from her husband. The...
The Egyptian press continues to devote attention to the different reactions to the Supreme Administrative Court ruling allowing Christian divorcees to remarry. The church rejected the ruling and considered it against the Bible and church codes. Some authors highlighted the tragic influence of the...


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