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Al- Da’wah al- Salafiah in Faiyum has criticized what it called as an Iranian “Savafid project” in the region.
Leaders in the Nūr party confessed to having contacts with former NDP members in order to convince them to put their names on the Nūr electoral lists.
French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius has called upon the Security Council to list the Libyan ‘Ansār Al- Sharī’ah Organization on the terrorist list.
Dr. ‘Abāss Shūmān, Deputy of the Azhar, stated that the Azharite education will witness a development with the development of the Azharite syllabi.
Dr. Ahmad al- Tayyīb, Shaykh of the Azhar, has met with a group of Azhar professors and Endowment preachers.
Nāddir Bakkār, assistant of the President of the Nūr Party for media, stated that it is unlikely that his party forms a coalition with parties of the NASL.
The conflict between Salafīs has escalated in intensity to the extent of making accusations of treason. 
Shaykh Muhammad Mukhtār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments and the head of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs stated that the 24th Public Conference of the Council will be held under the title the “Grandeur of Islam and the Mistakes of those who follow it”.
The congress of the Egyptian Coalition of Minorities kicked off at the headquarters of Ḥizb al-Tajammuʿ (the National Progressive Unionist Party) in Downtown Cairo, to discuss the theme of “The new method of the Islamized: accusations of defamation of religion, hate speech and incitement as a...
In his press statements to Ṣada al-Balad, the Secretary of the Parliament’s Religious Affairs Committee Shukrī al-Jundī said that developing a plan for renewing the religious discourse is a positive step towards countering the radical ideology through appointing more imams and preachers that cover...


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