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Ahmad al- Mughir, known publicly as the “man of Khairat al- Shāttir” has criticized those who attack Ansār Bayt al- Maqdis after its terrorist attacks.
A video that is believed to be produced by Ansār Bayt al- Maqdis group revealed the killing of 5 Egyptian soldiers.
Dr. ‘Ibrahīm Nigm, advisor to the grand muftī, stated that the Muslim Brotherhood organization is resorting to the taqiyah method and trying to set the stage until the opportunity comes to announce that it has adopted ISIS’s thought. 
Members of the Constituent Assembly Khālid Yūssuf  and Muhammad Abu al- Ghār have stated their dissatisfaction with the judicial support to the court sentence ruling to jail novelist Karam Sābir, member of the Writers' Union, for 5 years due to being convicted of contempt of religion.
Author Karam Sābir, member of the Writer’s Union, was convicted of contempt of religion for a set of short stories under the title “Where is God?” which promotes religion and faith.
The number of hate crimes against Muslims have increased in the West in the past year.  The new year started with weaknesses in the legal system that made it difficult tohold the wrong- doers accountable. The newspaper refers to an article on the Datehookup site which stated that anti- Muslim...
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Egypt's Foreign Minister Sāmiḥ Shukrī has received a phone call from his Dutch counterpart Stef Blok, apologizing for the cartoon contest offensive to Islam. The contest was supposed to take place at the Dutch Parliament.
iMediaEthics Critiques Misreporting About Egypt
Dr. Janneke Stegeman, a Dutch Protestant Christian theologian and researcher in the Old Testament, religion, conflict and peacebuilding, believes ecumenism between Christians, Muslims and Jews should be seriously considered. Stegeman’s arguments are given and so is the critique on her arguments by...
Editor AWR: The Center for Arab-West Understanding had invited Prof. Dr. Ḥassan M. Wajīh Ḥassan to provide a response to a lecture of H.E. Lord George Carey on July 13, 2018. Dr. Wajīh suffered of pain in his spine and was unable to come and for that reason wrote a “response” to a lecture that he...


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