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Al- Nusrah Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant continued their warfare despite the calls of Qa’ida leader, Ayman al- Zawāhirī, call upon them to stop fighting.
Copts today celebrate the end of the Virgin Mary fast that continued for 15 days.
Based on the method of "Murder the Victim and Attend his Funeral", the American congress is drafting a new project proposal on "Constitution for Church Reconstruction in Egypt". The new project is designed to address the churches that were burnt and destroyed during the Brotherhood ruling period...
American President Donald Trump stated in one of his tweets that Christians in the Middle East are being executed in large numbers, and that this horror cannot be allowed to continue. This statement comes in the context of Trump’s anti-refugee approach and his efforts to combat terrorism in the...
Undersecretary of Al-Azhar, Dr. `Abbās Shūmān, confirmed that it would be very wrong to expect a change of the Americans stance towards Islam and Muslims or to expect a promising development, while American presidential candidates utter hostile statements against Muslims.
The four main issues discussed in the AWR editorials are: comments and critiques on the media, Muslim-Christian and Arab-West relations, AWR activities and attention for its work and finally difficulties in running AWR
Western interference in the Middle East started long ago and has continued right up to the present day, with no apparent end in sight. This relationship is the key focus of Robert Fisk’s book ’The Great War for Civilisation’. The book describes in detail Robert Fisk’s experiences as a journalist in...
Arab-West relations are complicated and controversial. In this paper Bāhir Dukhān, an Arab-West Report intern, has analyzed the Egyptian media from 2003 to investigate how the media affects Arab-West relations and how the Egyptian press covered the events leading up to the 2003 U.S-led war on Iraq.
The author comments on the U.S. Commission on International Freedom’s report on religious freedom in Iraq, and the migration of Christians from the region.
The author discusses the increasing trend of radical Islam. He comments on how it is in actuality doing more damage to the Arab world than it is helping it.


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