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TheJihād Group officially declares their initiative to cease of the use of violence. While many of the Islamic groups approved of the initiative, many seem to complicate the issue.
‘Alā’ al-Ghutrayfī interviews ‘Amr Khalid and discusses his vision concerning the future and how he applies it through his programs.
The following article presents the second in a series discussing the “talibanization” of education in Egypt.
For four concessive weeks, the issue of unifying the Adhān in the greater Cairo area has caused controversy. Several opinion articles have attacked the decision as well as the decision makers, including the minister of endowments. Those who attacked the decision saw it as a decision imposed by a...
Sāmih Fawzī writes about Takfīr and Rose al- Yūsuf, questioning the role of the Islamic Research Academy. Fawzī highlights the phenomena of recorded tapes that put national unity under threat as they encourage religious discrimination and call for supporting mujāhids.
Subtitle:Will I convert from Islam? A serious confession - our Islam is about to collapseEl- Muslimun of July 18 laments that Muslims exert much effort to get Christians to say the Islamic creed, but once they are Muslim, very little is done to help the new converts. Several examples of converts’...
According to the paper, the Roman Catholic Church is worried about the great number of conversions to Islam.
The article shows that all the great scientists involved in Jihad through science and knowledge achieved major development in their nation [umma]. But the terrorists practicing jihad by murdering, drew their nation
Human rights activist Rā’id al-Sharqāwī disputes claims of the US Copts Association that a priest from al-Zaqāzīq was murdered through a car accident.
Dr. Milad Hanna (77), a much respected Coptic thinker and politician in Egypt who was awarded the UNESCO Simon Bolivar prize for his efforts in intercultural dialogue, was severely attacked by some Coptic activists in the Copts Daily Digest after his visit with Dr. Kamal Abul-Magd to Washington DC...


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