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The Ministry of Endowment has filed two complaints against Dr. Yāssir al- Burhāmī, vice president of the Da’wah al- Salafiah.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia revealed in a statement of its embassy yesterday that all Qur’ān copies of the King Fahd Complex are correct
Shaykh Muhammad ‘Abd al- Rāziq, the head of the religious sector in the Ministry of Endowments stated that the Ministry will hold examinations and interviews to all of those who applied from the Da’wah al- Salafiah.
Dr. Najuīb Jubrā’īl stated that his new complaint against Yāssir Burhāmī includes spreading incorrect news and stirring a sectarian strife after he called against having a Copt take on leadership position
Dr. Shawqī ‘Allām, the grand muftī, stated that Dār al- Iftā is not isolated from the needs of the Egyptian people.
The Ministry of Endowments announced that it has instructed preachers at mosques that tomorrow (Friday)’s sermon is to be regarding spending and moderating consumption. 
Three preachers and media persons ( Issām al- Buhaīrī,ibrāhīm ‘Īssá and Muhammad ‘Abd Allah) have denied  correct prophetical hadīths published in Sahīh al- Bukhārī and denied the torment of the tomb.
Al- Tahrīr newspaper was informed that a number of the Da’wah al- Salafiah leaders have announced that they shall leave any form of political work in order to be allowed to preach in mosques. 
The request of the Minister of Endowments to withdraw the AzharUniversity’s certificate of Dr. Yusuf al- Qaradāwī due to his misguided fatwás and his continuous incitement for violence and bloodshed  has stirred controversy. Dr. Sa’īd ‘Amīr, secretary general of the high committee for Islamic ...
Dr. Majdī ‘Ashūr, the academic advisor to the Grand Mufti and the secretary of fatwás in the Dār al- Iftā’ stated that having fatwás issued by those who have not been prepared scientifically to issue it causes must discord in society. He added that the fatwa of Shaykh Mazhar Shahīn of the Omar...


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