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The Embassy of Afghanistan in Cairo presented the Egyptian government a statue of one of the pioneers of the Renaissance in modern Islamic thought—Jamāl al-Dīn al-Afghānī. The unveiling of the statue, which coincided with the third anniversary of the opening of the new Suez Canal, took place at...
Dr. Usāma al-Qūṣī, the Salafist preacher, criticized the Salafist boarding School called “al-Salafīyah al-Madkhalīyya” whose most famous shaykhs in Egypt are Muḥammad Sayyid Raslān, Maḥmūd ʿAbd al-Rāziq Raḍwāni, Ṭalʿat Zahrān and others - describing it as the most dangerous school on the Egyptian...
In 1943, Ṭāha Ḥusayn was invited by the Young Muslims Association to give a lecture on the occasion of Laylat al-Qadr in Alexandria. While preparing for this lecture, the Dean of Arabic Literature prepared a thesis on the Holy Quran, especially after his previous lectures found great acceptance by...
The International Union for Muslim Scholars convened a meeting two days ago in Doha.
Gunmen believed to be members of the Boko Haram group attacked on Monday a Dilli Village in the north-east of Nigeria, near the border with Cameroon killing dozens of villagers causing material losses. 
Dr. Shawqī ‘Allām, Mufti of Egypt, denounced ISIS’ demolition and desecration of the shrines of the prophets in Iraq, the most recent of which was the demolition of the tomb of the Prophet Yūnis. He stated that this is an assault on the sanctity of the prophets. 
The Council of Ministers has agreed in its meeting yesterday headed by Eng. Ibrāhīm Mahlab to approve the Bayt al- Zakāh draft law  after it is revised by the Council of State Legislative Department.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia revealed in a statement of its embassy yesterday that all Qur’ān copies of the King Fahd Complex are correct
Dr. Shawqī ‘Allām, the grand muftī, stated that Dār al- Iftā is not isolated from the needs of the Egyptian people.
Dr. Kamāl Habib researcher in Islamic Groups stated that violence reduces the standing of the Islamist movement and has never made it attain its goals


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