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While the pro-Islamic media machine presents Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Hassan Al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, as an Islamic preacher living in Europe, Ramadan presents himself to the Western media as a preacher of what he calls "European Islam." He wants to establish an...
In these days, the Egyptian happiness is doubled because it is celebrating both the Eid Al-Fitr for Muslims and Christmas for Christians.
From the very beginning, Egypt was never far from Islam. It was not a surprise to Egypt when Muslim armies were marching into it. There was not a single Muslim, during and after the Prophet’s life, who was not certain that Egypt would be opened up by Muslims...
The author of this article objects to folk stories about the prophets. He wants to purify Islam from such folk stories.
Yesterday, at dawn, the Muslims were performing the festival prayer, and in the evening, the Christians were celebrating" The Day of Epiphany. Accordingly, the way of the Egyptian’s living has changed. The iftar (breakfasting) tables became tables for love, sharing and brotherhood between the...
The Muslim ritual of the pilgrimage stimulates Muslim unity.
Decree no. 5755/2009 is issued, stipulating that the name of the village of Deir Abu-Hinnis will remain unchanged.


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