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There are clear elements of the pressure groups known as lobbies in Egyptian society and the world. The pressure groups play a leading role in the policies of the world’s nations.
al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah and al-Jihād have major structural differences; however, they are both engaged in revisions that will stop the groups’ from using violence in their political activity. al-Qā‘idah fears the influence of the introspections on its members.
Fahmī Huwaydī criticizes the use of religion to achieve certain political goals.
This article analyzes the use of religion to serve non-religious ends.
The author disagrees with what Kamāl Abu al-Majd said in the newspapers that Islam prohibits using mosques in expressing political views.
The Coptic Group for Church Reform is the signature that recently appeared in an announcement distributed in churches and on Web sites. The real identity of the group is as of yet unknown, providing an opportunity for rumors to spread. All the group pamphlets are opposed to Bishop Bīshūy.
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Fattāḥ comments on the modern trend of accusing intellectuals and writers of apostasy under the cover of religion.
The following presents an interview between Dr. Hala Mustafa and CIDT interns. Dr. Mustafa comments on her role in the National Democratic Party’s Policies Committee, her opinions on reform in Egypt, critiquing the role of Egyptian security, and the necessary steps needed for reform to take effect.
The Egyptian Movement for Change, Kifāya, upgraded defiance in the face of the ruling regime, insisting on tracking down the persons suspected of assaulting protesters against the plebiscite on article 76 of the constitution dealing with presidential elections, including women, before the...
The author considers reform in Islam, outlining the inhibiting stance that many Western countries adopt regarding reform in the Islamic world. The era of ‘political correctness’ has led many to blindly ignore violations of human rights in the hope of maintaining a level of correctness while not...


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