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The article represents the opinions of Muslim scholars about the Tunisian researcher’s book ‘Tarīkhyyat al-Da‘wah al-Muhammadīyah’ [The History of the Muhammadan Call].
‘Abbās al-Tarabīlī shows the opinion of the Wafd party concerning constitutional reform.
The article deals with the Fourth Forum of Arab Reform at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. This forum brought together a number of prominent Arab and international researchers who discussed a wide range of topics related to improving the social, economic and civil society welfare of the people in the...
An overview of the Secular Islam Summit held in the United States. The conference featured a number of speakers who supported reform within Islam as a religion and Muslim countries.
The author suggests that the current series of constitutional amendments are sufficient for the time being. These changes can be a step forward toward real and meaningful reform. Although the state must be willing to make even greater changes, such as revising or repealing the second article of the...
Observers and intellectuals of Egypt are still leading wide-ranging discussions concerning the proposed constitutional amendments. While the Muslim Brotherhood seems to reject citizenship, other observers consider it the cornerstone in building democracy and political systems. Many observers still...
The article refers to the imbalanced attitude between public requirements and the law. The author, however, thinks that the current debates over human right and citizenship would act as a base for a political reform.
The article is about a book by Maḥmūd ‘Awaḍ that shows how peaceful and tolerant minister al-Bāqūrī was.
The tenth World Conference of Islamic Youth recommended adopting an Islamic strategy for the renewal of schools and universities’ curriculum to cope with renewed religious discourse and respond to the suspicions raised against Islām.
The author of the article presents excerpts of the ideas that were discussed during the meeting held in Alexandria on human rights and renovation of religious discourse.


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