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The article refers to the imbalanced attitude between public requirements and the law. The author, however, thinks that the current debates over human right and citizenship would act as a base for a political reform.
The article is about a book by Maḥmūd ‘Awaḍ that shows how peaceful and tolerant minister al-Bāqūrī was.
The tenth World Conference of Islamic Youth recommended adopting an Islamic strategy for the renewal of schools and universities’ curriculum to cope with renewed religious discourse and respond to the suspicions raised against Islām.
The author of the article presents excerpts of the ideas that were discussed during the meeting held in Alexandria on human rights and renovation of religious discourse.
The author is very upset about a Christian author writing in a very negative way about Islam. He advises Christians to refrain from writing about Islam.
The author discusses relations between the U.S. and Islamic groups in the light of the conference held in Kuwait under the title: "Islamic Groups and Political Reformation." The conference was supervised by American Karangi Institute for Peace. He believes American research centers try to encircle...
The article is an interview with the new Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Ali Gom´a. He comments on the issues of Sufism, renewing the religious discourse, issuing fatwas, modern Islamic preachers, Islam-West relations, apostasy in Islam, hisba lawsuits and applying the hudood [punishments for certain sins] of...
[AWR: This is a full text translation of a Dutch text with permission of the author.] Sociology professor Saad Eddin Ibrahim: “You can beat Saddam Hussein, no doubt. But what you cannot do is prevent a new Saddam Hussein from appearing, a new Bin Laden. As long as there is no democracy, no state...
Many decisions taken later by the Erdogan government were incompatible with the U.S. interests as Washington found out that Erdogan and his party were stuck to their conservative Islamic popular platform whenever the need arises.
Differences of thought within the al-Banna family; from Muslim Brotherhood to European Islam.


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