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There are many arguments regarding why women have stopped reading Qur’an out loud; it has been claimed that it was an attempt to constrain women in their social lives. Historically, women were used to mourn loudly at funerals in an attempt to create an emotional scene. Over time, the cultural base...
The ideas presented by researcher Islām Biḥayrī aim to renew religious discourse by updating, criticizing, and purifying it from impurities that have been associated with it over time. 
Asrār al-Usbūʿa:  The Endowment District of Alexandria announces on Saturday an advocacy program to be held during the month of Shaʿabān, that includes organizing weekly advocacy convoys, lessons, and religious nights teaching about “the change of the Qibla, a valuable lesson”.
Based on the method of "Murder the Victim and Attend his Funeral", the American congress is drafting a new project proposal on "Constitution for Church Reconstruction in Egypt". The new project is designed to address the churches that were burnt and destroyed during the Brotherhood ruling period...
Is the country serious about combating terrorism? I don't think so, it's like a country whose fiercely fighting its atonement, but the cost of this is paid by Christians, and intellectuals.
The Minyā Governorate continued the activities of "Together against Violence and Terrorism" in Dayr Mawās [Deir Mawas], in order to raise the awareness of young people about the dangers of terrorism. Increased public awareness of terrorism being necessary to protect the homeland and ensure its...
The imams of Sohag [Sūhāj]   agreed on the need to renew and develop the religious discourse in order to keep pace with the times, pointing out that the most important characteristics of the Islamic dʿawa is that it is renewed because it addresses all people in all ages. 
  Egypt is facing a confrontation against terrorist groups concentrated in northern Sinai targeting military installations and buildings and extending their activity recently to the capital.
  The Secretariat of Specialized Committees of the Future of the Homeland [political] party, headed by Engineer Muḥammad al-Jārḥī, organized their first forum under the title, "New Prospects Against Extremism" on Monday evening.
  At the same time that Egypt exited world rankings in the quality of education, there were voices calling for the need to merge al-Azhar and the public education [systems] together.


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