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The Minyā Governorate continued the activities of "Together against Violence and Terrorism" in Dayr Mawās [Deir Mawas], in order to raise the awareness of young people about the dangers of terrorism. Increased public awareness of terrorism being necessary to protect the homeland and ensure its...
The imams of Sohag [Sūhāj]   agreed on the need to renew and develop the religious discourse in order to keep pace with the times, pointing out that the most important characteristics of the Islamic dʿawa is that it is renewed because it addresses all people in all ages. 
  Egypt is facing a confrontation against terrorist groups concentrated in northern Sinai targeting military installations and buildings and extending their activity recently to the capital.
  The Secretariat of Specialized Committees of the Future of the Homeland [political] party, headed by Engineer Muḥammad al-Jārḥī, organized their first forum under the title, "New Prospects Against Extremism" on Monday evening.
  At the same time that Egypt exited world rankings in the quality of education, there were voices calling for the need to merge al-Azhar and the public education [systems] together.
  A delegation from Al-Azhar visited the village of al-Muhayidāt, south of Luxor, on Sunday, led by Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayib, Shaykh of al-Azhar, and in coordination with the Islamic Research Academy in Luxor. 
Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām, the Grand Muftī of Egypt, warned of the attempts of some extremist religious movements to impose themselves through means of social communication by launching advocacy campaigns that seem to teach the fundamentals of faith and indoctrinate radical ideas to recruit young people...
Egypt's Minister of Culture, Helmī al-Namnam, said, “There is no evidence for those who believe that humans are inherently aggressive, and violent. Nor is evidence for those who believe that humans are inherently generous and kind.”
Commenting on the statement disclosed by Egypt's Minister of Culture, Helmī al-Namnam, in which he accused Al-Azhar of spreading radical thought, Dr. Mohyī Al-Dīn `Afīfī, Secretary General Of The Islamic Council for Research, said that Al-Azhar does not spare an effort to promote moderate Islam by...
In its new edition to be published coming Friday, Sawt al-Azhar newspaper presents Al-Azhar position in support of women issues, rights and assess her contribution in the enlightenment and development of communities.


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