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A special meeting is held for the youth at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria. Many clerics will be present, amongst them Pope Tawāḍrūs II.
Upon instructions from Pope Tawadrūs II, HG Anba Julius (General Bishop of Old Cairo Churches) paid a pastoral visit to the UAE churches for checking up on the people of the Coptic Orthodox Church, their priests and their servants in the UAE.  
The Catholic Patriarch Ibrahim Ishaq met this morning with George Gharīb, the President of the International Catholic Conference of Scouting (ICCS), the ICCS-EM Regional Secretary, Antoine Maqsùd, the President of the Egyptian Catholic Scout Committee, Joseph Faīq, and the Leader of the Scout Abu...
The families of ‘Sammālūṭ’ in al-Minya have intervened to cooperate with the police in a council for peace to resolve the tension sparked by the return of "Faransah ʿAbd al-Sayyid", a 26-year-old female Christian-to-Muslim convert with her husband.   
A state of anger is coasting among Copts in ‘Sammālūṭ’ in al-Minya after "Faransah ʿAbd al-Sayyid", a 26-year-old female Christian-to-Muslim convert and her Muslim husband were allowed entry to there village amid increased security presence.  
Counselor Yūsuf Ṭalʿat, legal representative of the Evangelical Church, revealed the details of the meeting of the heads of the Egyptian churches at the papal headquarters at the Cathedral of St. Mark's in ʿAbbāsiyya.
The people of Harbit village in Sharqiya governorate held a reconciliation meeting with the son of Ismaīl Shihātah, the Shi’ite leader, who was killed in Abū Nimris last month, and his Salafī neighbor. The Salafī groups in the city denied that the brawls had any relation to religious doctrines (...
In Nasr City, Christian women were prevented from voting in one of the polling stations, also many voting cards were not stamped. 
The two children left the Beni Suef prosecution to an unknown place after orders to release them as security forces intensified presence in ‘Izbit Marco lest retaliatory acts erupt.
The ongoing conflict over the constitution is a clear indication of the state of political/religious division the Egyptian society is going through. [Nabīl ‘Abd al-Fattāh, al-Ahrām, Nov. 15, p. 10] Read original text in Arabic


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