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Preface by Cornelis Hulsman: In 1997 I started making press overviews on issues related to Muslim-Christian relations and founded the Religious News Service from the Arab World which later was renamed Arab-West Report. Between June 13, 1997 and July 11, 1998 I collected articles from al-Muslimoon...
Father Rafīq Jarīsh, the spokesman of the Catholic Church in Egypt, said that the Catholic Church is well-known by its schools. There are 171 Catholic schools in Egypt, 38 of which in Upper Egypt.  
Several local residents of the city of Timā, Suhāj governorate, surrounded the al-Zahrā’ elementary school to protest alleged attempts by a Coptic teacher to disseminate ideas against the Muslim faith into the minds of their children as he advised them to quit praying.
Ismā’īl Pasha who ruled Egypt from 1863 to 1879 decided to give women the right to education. He established the first school for Muslim girls in Cairo, and in the entire Near East. 
Minister of Education Ibrāhīm Ghunaym said the syllabi, designed by specialized research centers in association with the civil society organizations, are as sacred as constitutions, noting those syllabi have never been and will never be drawn up by any political party.
It is a private and noble initiative undertaken by a young Coptic man and a Muslim girl. They roam in the Upper Egyptian villages to educate children on loving and accepting the other [different], and on the coexistence among the different religions. 
Hānī Kimāl, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Education and General Director for Artistic and Cultural Activities, dismissed claims from various news outlets that he was affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that these claims simply seek to slander the reputation of the Ministry. 
Studies resumed yesterday in the nuns school in Beni Suef governorate after it has been stopped for a year and a half since it has been burnt in the aftermath of the events that followed the dispersal of Rāb’ah and Nahdah sit ins.
Dr. ‘Abāss Shūmān, Deputy of the Azhar, stated that the Azharite education will witness a development with the development of the Azharite syllabi.
Female police first appeared in Egypt directly after the July 23, 1952 Revolution, and the first batch of female police officers that graduated from the police academy was one year later, in 1953. 


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