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During an interview on eXtra News, Ḥussayn ʿAbd al-Rāḍi, a researcher at the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies, alleged that states in the region, namely the regimes in Qatar and Turkey, have invested in various terrorist organizations out of economic and self-interest, going on to argue that...
The management of “ONTV” announced the sale of the group of channels owned by businessman Najīb Sawirus to Tāriq Bin ‘Umar, a French businessman of Tunisian origin, who also owns two other channel networks, “Italia Sport 24” and the Italian “Brema TV”, as well as the Tunisian channel “Nasama”.
The Coptic Orthodox Church prohibited the five candidates for papal chair of Saint Mark in succession of Pope Shenouda III, who passed away on March 17, 2012, from appearing on satellite channels before the election of the 118th pope.
The Vatican’s news agency Fides said the first Egyptian Catholic TV station will be launched in 2013 under the name al-Salām (Peace) to be the voice of a Coptic Catholic community living in a large country ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood.
Concerns are dominating the media establishment after a decision to close down the al-Farā’īn channel owned by Tawfīq ‘Ukāshah following accusations of instigation against the president of the republic and the confiscation of an issue of al-Dustūr newspaper for nearly the same reason.
The neutrality of Christian television channels has been questioned, as they had a great influence on the votes of Copts during the last presidential elections. Īhāb Sabahī, presenter of the show Fī al-Nūr on the CTVchannel , hosted every candidate except Muhammad Mursī, justifying this exclusion...
 Satire program presenter, Bāssim Yūsuf, stated that  he has decided to take his program, al- Birnāmig, off the air permanently due to pressures. 
Dr. Samīr Sabrī filed a complaint to Supreme State Security Prosecution against the Salafī leader Abū Islam, accusing him of threatening the Copts and calling for their elimination on al-Ummah television channel (Sāmīyah Fārūq, al-Wafd, May 15, p. 3). Read original text in Arabic.  
Grand Shaykh of the Azhar, Dr. Ahmad al-Tayyīb, announced the launching of a satellite channel which, according to him, would be popularly accepted by Egyptians who trust in the moderate stance of The Azhar body. 
Since his enthronement as patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Pope Tawāḍrūs has paid special attention to children by establishing a committee on childhood at the Holy Synod under his supervision. He has also held several gatherings with children in Egypt and abroad during his pastoral visits...


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