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After el-Destour published the declaration attacking three Christian businessmen a discussion started about the ’yellow’ (sensational) press and journalists ethics which resulted in a new Code of Honor according to which journalists may work.
Dr. Nasr Abu Zaid responded to the interview with Dr. Sayed El-Qimni in El-Arabi of March 16 and translated in the RNSAW of March 15-22.
The closure of El-Destour leads to a debate on the role of the press.
Ensuring that Egypt retains its aid package is not easy since the discussion on the introduction of the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act.
Journalists are imprisoned, and the freedom of the media is questioned.
Comment on the press handling of information that threatens business atmosphere.
The newly formed Supreme Press Council has started a campaign against Egyptian tabloids many of which have appeared only last year. The most famous of such newspapers is Al-Destour which was closed down in February after printing a statement against Coptic business men.
Following a meeting with President Hosni Mubarak, who criticized sensational elements in the Egyptian press, the Supreme Press Council started to regulate the press market.
Brief announcement about a sit in organized by the workers in Al-Destour newspaper that was closed down in February.
The English language weekly mentions the closure of Al-Destour and speculates about any alternative motives for closing the paper because it was critical of the government.


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