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A Jewish celebration in an Egyptian village has aroused villagers’ anger and restricts their freedom of movement for three days.
Mājid Muhammad reports about the campaign launched against the Jewish celebrations of Abū Hasīrah in Egypt.
The compound of religions in Old Cairo is a symbol of the amazing coexistence of the three heavenly religions in Egypt.
Muhammad Salmāwī reports on the book fair in Geneva where Egypt was the guest of honor.
An Israeli touristic brochure has claimed that the ancient Egyptian civilization is just Jewish doings and urged Israelis to visit Egypt to see their great ancestors handcraft.
The article reports on a decision of the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy that prevents Christian or Jewish wives, as well as children of a Muslim man, from receiving inheritance from him after his death.
Isrā’īl Min Ayn wa ilá Ayn?’ [Israel, from where and whither?] is a book written by Muhammad Burhām al-Mashā‘ilī. The 15-chapter book provides information about the history of Jews and Israel and asserts the Arab identity of Palestine.
Husayn Sirāj reviews a book authored by Sulaymān al-Hakīm about Jews who proved to be true Egyptians. The book, which is entitled ’Yahūd…wa-Lākin Misryūn’ [Jews but Egyptians], focuses on the lives of Jewish Egyptian artists and their political and national stances.
The Egyptian government refuses to implement the Administrative Court’s decision which cancelled the annual Jewish celebration at the tomb of Rabbi Abū Ḥassīrah without giving any reasons.
The author, Husayn al-Qabbānī, reports on a protest organized before the Jewish Abū Hasīrah Shrine in the village of Damītūh, in the Egyptian Delta, where protesters condemned the Jewish celebration honoring Rabbi Abū Hasīrah as well as the news about the government’s pressure on farmers to sell...


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