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The author, Husayn al-Qabbānī, reports on a protest organized before the Jewish Abū Hasīrah Shrine in the village of Damītūh, in the Egyptian Delta, where protesters condemned the Jewish celebration honoring Rabbi Abū Hasīrah as well as the news about the government’s pressure on farmers to sell...
Nabīl Zakī refutes the claims that Israel is a democratic and civilized state that accepts religious diversities, listing statements by Jewish rabbis as well as stances of Israeli movements that reject the existence of non-Jewish in Israel, which might nip any attempts of peace in the buds.
Nabīl Zakī, the author, says that the U.S. as well as Israel have been exploiting religion in serving their colonial policies in Palestine.
The article reports on a report published by the U.S.-based America in Arabic news agency about a U.S.-Jewish delegation meeting with the minister of culture to discuss the establishment of a Jewish museum in Cairo to narrate the history of Jews in Egypt.
An extremist trend which calls for the alliance between Christianity and Judaism has gained tremendous influence in the United States.
In his expected visit to Ethiopia, Pope Shenouda will not discuss the case of al-Sulṭān Monastery, as some of the Coptic Orthodox clergymen asserted. The pope’s expected visit is a step to bridge the gap and re-establish the friendly relations between the two churches.
Dr. Wasīm al-Sīsī believes that Egyptians are more likely to be the chosen people of God than Jews as they have the long-standing civilization, sciences, and ethics that Jews lack. He also believes that Jews have stolen the heroic stories of the Pharaonic kings and wrongfully recorded them in their...
John H. Watson highlights an exhibition at the British Library that showcases ancient holy books from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic sources.
Egyptian literature has witnessed several religious debates. The article presents an example of these debates and sheds light on the first novel on the human values of the Crucifixion, written by a Muslim Egyptian entitled, ‘Qariyah Zālimah’ [Unjust Village].
The author discusses the knighthood being awarded to Salman Rushdie, author of “The Satanic Verses.” This action has again fuelled tensions between the Arab world and the West. The author comments on the situation, and questions where this animosity really originates.


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