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The Bahāʾī Faith is a monotheistic religion that affirms the spiritual unity of the human race, focusing on three pillars that form the foundation of its teachings. 
“You do not deserve freedom and justice, if you deny them for your opponents, and if you do not strive to grant them the full rights of citizenship, so be sure that no one will strive for yours, unless you experience the bitter taste of being segregated. Freedom, justice and equality are rights...
In his novel ‘Al-Safīnah al-Ḥamrāʾ, min Bayrūt ilā al-Bahāʾiyīn’ (The Red Ship: From Beirut To The Baha'is’, the Egyptian novelist, Samīr Zakī, deals with a sensitive and thorny theme in some countries in the Arab region, namely, the Baha'i faith. 
Shī’ite and Sufī leaders rejected the Constituent Assembly, stating that it does not reflect the whole Egyptian society. Sufī leaders affirmed that they and the Shī’ite community are not properly represented in the commission and they are worried about being excluded from the Constitution. Sufī...
MP Muḥammad Fuʾād said that the speech of President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī at the World Youth Forum on the freedom of religious belief “is very progressive and there must be policies to implement this.” During his interview hosted by the ‘90 Minutes’ talk show, aired on al-Miḥwar TV channel, on...
 The Bahā’ī faith entered Egypt in 1864. A governmental decree was issued in 1960 to dissolve all Bahā’ī gatherings in Egypt. There is no precise enumeration of Baha’is in Egypt.  The city of Acre, Akko, or ʿAkkā in Arabic, is the holiest city for the Bahā’ī faith, and is occupied by Israel.
MP Dr. Muḥammad Fuʾād submitted a request to the House of Representatives, suggesting a briefing to be submitted by the Cabinet on the situation of the right of worship for Egyptian citizens.
Writing in 1999 for al-Usbūʿ newspaper, Hānī Zayyāt and Muṣṭafā Sulaymān expressed the
 A hearing was held in the U.S. Congress about state of rights of minorities in Morsi’s (Mursī) era. The session was entitled, “Violation of Human Rights in Egypt”.
The police managed to arrest two persons in the village of al-‘Asha, Ṭībah, Luxor, after villagers reported that they were threatened by two men who forced the villagers to adopt Bahā’ism and vandalized agriculture acres. 


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