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Yesterday, the eight Evangelical Councils in Egypt held a meeting discussing whether or not women could be ordained as pastors. Sources have reported that the representatives of the different councils decided to postpone the decision until next April when the meeting of The Synod of the Nile [of...
ISIS is continuing its shocking surprises to the world.
The former French Minister of Family Nadine Monroe has stirred much controversy recently when she stated that its is the duty of French women to wear the bikini.
In the recent gubernatorial reshuffle, two Copts were appointed as governors for the first time ever with Dr. Manāl Mikhāʾīl in Damietta and Dr. Kamāl Shārūbīm in Daqahlīya, a move commended by the Coptic circles and considered as a step on the road to citizenship.
In the latest new governors movement, Dr. Manāl Mikhā’īl has been appointed as Governor of Damietta to become the first Coptic woman, and the second woman, to serve as a governor in Egypt. Al-Dustūr presents a summary of her biography in the lines below.
In support of the national unity, both the Endowments Ministry and the church launch the “Female Preacher and Nun” Initiative under the slogan “Together in the service of the homeland”. The initiative is aimed at speaking and dialoguing with women through Muslim Female Preachers and Christian Nuns...
A  leader in the Da’wah al- Salafiah has thanked Bishop Bishoy after he called for modesty of the Coptic women.
Pope Tawadros gave a televised speech on Coptic channels in which he discussed several matters particularly that of divorce and marriage
In commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Egypt is to celebrate this day on 25 November, 2018, in the Egyptian National Museum at Tahrir Square [Maydān al-Taḥrīr, or (Midan al-Tahrir).
Ambassador Mirvat al-Tillāwī, head of the National Council for Women, has reportedly dismissed the delegation of the EU Election Observation Mission (EOM) at a conference held Saturday (May 31), in the Cairo Opera House, to discuss women’s participation in the presidential elections.


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