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Copts in the Egyptian media 42 Our reading of the Cairo papers this week takes us to the weekly, State-owned al-Mussawar and the file it recently published on “Do Copts hate the July Revolution?” In his article entitled, “Copts under Jamāl 'Abd al-Nāsir,” Midhat Bishāy attempted to cite both the...
 The alleged disappearance of a priest’s wife in Upper Egypt is discussed in the article. 
The Supreme Administrative Court issues a final ruling in the case of Copts’ second marriage on May 29.
The Azhar women students were obliged to remove their niqāb inside exams halls. Men were duly not allowed in the halls regardless of their positions.
Egypt’s State film censors ban a film dealing with the niqāb because it ’defames Islam and state policy’.
Female circumcision is a very complex issue. This article sheds light on the religious, social, and medical viewpoints regarding practicing circumcision in society. Besides, the church’s firm stance against such harmful habit is stressed through a book by Father ‘Awad
This article defends Nawwāl al-Sa‘dāwī from the criticism received over her autobiography, stating that her detractors have not read her work and distort her message.
Disagreements occur over female circumcision at a meeting held by the National Conference for Childhood and Motherhood.
The author thinks that society is bias in favor of appointing men to high-ranking positions.
The controversial court ruling that was issued recently is still creating heated discussions in Coptic and judicial milieus. While some think it is binding and necessary, religious sources reject it because it is a violation of the Biblical teaching.


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