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Interviews with a Christian judge and a protestant pastor on the issue of Khula’ in Christianity and the Personal Status Law for Christians.
Khul´a is divorce upon the request of the wife]
Many Azhar scholars have rejected female circumcision and even criminalized it based on the notion that the practice has never been a duty or obligation in Islam and there are no texts in the Qur’ān or sunna [the Prophet Muhammad’s tradition] that encourage it.
According to recent statistics, one in three Turkish women are subjected to physical domestic violence.
Dr. Shaykh ‘Alī Jum‘ā, Muftī of Egypt, said that Islam has limited polygamy. In a Hadīth reported by Sālim, his father, Ghaylān Ibn Salāma al-Thaqafī, had ten concubines when he embraced Islam. The Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] told him to “chose only four of them” to marry.
The film of MediaHouse about female circumcision was showed at the Cairo International Bookfair where it caused a stir. Strengholt liked this because “if a film will cause a fight, a discussion, anger or strife, any strong reaction that gets people to question their own positions in life or affirm...
Woman’s rights from the Islamic perspective is a controversial issue. This issue was misused by fanatics who want to prevent her to go to work. They also belittle her natural and intellectual faculties.On the other hand, the secularists exploited this issue, calling for the emancipation of women...
There is a wide-ranged white slavery [sex traffic] affair that afflicts countries like Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Romania, on different levels. Dr. Sema Erder, a Turkish researcher in the social sciences, commented saying that the targeted women in sex slavery are young...
The Culture Committee at the National Council for Women held a discussion group under the tile ‘Discrimination against women in the religious discourse.’
The Egyptian Center for Human Rights asked the legislative institutions to specify a certain number of seats in Parliament for women. At the same time, the Center called all political parties and all NGOs to activate women’s political participation.


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