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A video being circulated on social media showing Christian children reenacting the kidnapping and execution of Egyptian Copts in Libya in 2015 by ISIS has incited anger after it was reported that it was filmed inside one of the churches.
The Coptic Orthodox Church announced that a new issue of the magazine al-Kirāza will only be published electronically due to the Coronavirus.
Since the death of Pope Shinūda III, several film and television production studies have expressed their excitement to produce works portraying the life of the most famous pope in the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church, and several actors have expressed their desire to play the role of the pope...
Over the last two decades, the Coptic Orthodox Church has expressed its opposition to several films and television shows, both domestic and international, resulting in the cancellation of some of these works and censorship of others.  The reasons for the church’s disapproval vary.
The Coptic Orthodox Church continues to ordain new monks and nuns in different Coptic monasteries.  The most recent ordination was of 17 nuns among the students from the Monastery of Prince Tāwadrūs the Levantine and the Monastery of the Archangel Michael [Mīkhāʾīl] in Qāmūlā, western Luxor.
In light of the restrictions preventing gatherings, the spread of the Coronavirus has resulted in the cancellation of religious celebrations and festivals [mawlid], including seven major Islamic ones and nine well-known Christian ones.
Amidst the security and precautionary measures, the village of Mīt Damsīs in Ajā celebrated the feast day of Saint George [Mār Jirjis] at the monastery named after him.  The monastery was careful to make visitors adhere to the precautionary measures inside the church and when visiting religious and...
The Minyā Criminal Court announced that it had referred the case of Suʿād Thābit, otherwise known as the “woman of al-Karam,” for a second time to the appeals court of Banī Suwayf , so it can be reviewed by another circuit.
The Media Center of the Coptic Orthodox Church announced the launch of an official Facebook page under the name of “The Coptic Media Center”.
Amid the ongoing investigation by the prosecutor-general into allegations of rape, sexual harassment and blackmail made by dozens of women and girls against a young man named, Aḥmad Bassām Zakī, a woman belonging to the Coptic Orthodox Church in the US had revealed that she fell a victim to sexual...


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