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In a CD-ROM obtained by al-Usbū‘ weekly, Bishop Bishūy said, in an annual doctrine conference, that he would not stop attacking other denominations unless they confess that they are non-Christians.
An in-depth look at the third annual report of the Citizenship Committee of the National Council for Human Rights [NCHR]. Particular focus is placed on missing Coptic women and the complaints that are lodged against public institutions.
The author explains his viewpoint on the Arab-West relationship in light of the Vatican pope’s visit to Turkey.
During his visit to Turkey, which witnessed tension, the Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI praised Turkey’s recent policy changes toward minorities, saying that this was enough to allow Turkey’s entrance in the EU.
The Egyptian press has widely covered the four-day visit that Pope Benedict XVI paid to Turkey from November 28 to December 1, 2006 in an obvious attempt to heal the wounds opened by his earlier "offensive" remarks on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. According to political analysts, the pontiff’s...
On Tuesday, Pope Benedict will start a four-day visit to Turkey amidst growing protests in Istanbul and Ankara. Tens of thousands took to the streets and chanted anti-pope slogans, expressing their fury at the pope’s remarks on Islām which he made two months ago in a lecture at the University of...
According to the paper, the Roman Catholic Church is worried about the great number of conversions to Islam.
A group of prominent experts from different academic backgrounds and ideological orientations, both Muslim and Christian, discussed whom the Regensburg lecture was really aiming at and how the current crisis could be constructively faced. They called for a reconsideration of the basis on which...
The statements of the pope about Islam confirm “many often heard prejudices about Islam” says Prof. Wagīh, who is a member of the Higher Islamic Council of Egypt.
This text was the author’s contribution to the round table discussion on the lecture of Pope Benedict XVI, held by the Program for Dialogue of Civilizations (PDC) at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, November 2, 2006.


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