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Arab-West Report Editor in-Chief, Cornelis Hulsman, asked Archbishop Fitzgerald, the Catholic nuntius in Egypt, about the statements of Pope Benedict on Islām. Archbishop Fitzgerald speaks Arabic, knows the Islamic world well and plays Qur’ān important role in Muslim-Christian dialogue. The...
Responses on AWR’s special report about Pope Benedict’s lecture. Recommendation of an interesting article about Islamophobia online.
Dr Hulsman analyses the lecture of Pope Benedict, noting that the text showed that his lecture was unfortunate but the translation made it even worse. The report notes several translation mistakes from the original German text to English. The Arabic texts were then translations of the English....
Comment and analysis on Pope Benedict XVI using a quote of a Byzantine emperor in a lecture. The danger of stereotyping Arabs as terrorists.
The author, who is the press advisor of Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, reviews some of the Pope’s main characteristics.
Egyptian press showing struggles in how to deal with rumors and emotions. Pope Benedict XVI used a quote of a Byzantine emperor in a surprisingly harsh form.
Patriarch Stefanos’s resignation and the election of a new patriarch reflect the democratic climate the Catholic Church in Egypt is enjoying, contrary to other churches in Egypt.
With the blessings of Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop Antonius Najīb has been ordained as patriarch of the Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt, succeeding Cardinal Stephanos II Ghattās who resigned for health reasons.
Between October 10, 1998 and October 2002 80 permits had been given for restauration, 9 for renovation and 3 for completely rebuilding a church (tearing it to the ground and rebuilding it again). Six more permits have been requested and are now being processed.
Pope Shenouda began investigations with directing editor of the Sunday School Magazine, over an article written by monk Basilius of Monastery of Macarios. The pope will personally investigate Basilius, who believes popes should be free from public political activities and completely devoted to the...


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