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... Your Holiness Pope John Paul II, Pope of Vatican: Egypt is a country in which the crescent mingles with the cross. It has mosques and churches and everybody worships God Almighty. There are no sectarian conflicts at all and [this is] especially [so] in the era of President Mubarak. For the...
A schedule of a visit of Pope John Paul II to Egypt is given.
Dr. Ragheb Moftah beliefs that Coptic music has its origins in pharaonic music but others have serious doubts about this and say this cannot be proved because ancient pharaonic music was not written down. Dr. Moftah wants to preserve the old church music while others call for renewal.
Pope John Paul II said in a letter on Wednesday he intended to make a major pilgrimage to the Holy Land, starting from Jordan, to mark the Great Jubilee of the year 2000.
The Pentagono certificates were especially widespread among Protestant Christians, including the Maadi Community Church. Thousands and thousands have participated but the claim in several papers that 300 million US$ was taken out of the country seems to be exaggerated. Was the number inflated to...
In a letter from the Catholic Church of Egypt the Church complains about Western media reports surrounding the issue of Coptic persecution in Egypt, as well as American intervention into the issue.
Gamal Asad discovered that some Copts refuse to view themselves as Arabs and writes about the implications of them considering themselves as the only real Egyptians and Muslims not. The notion is not only dangerous but also false.


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