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Father George Shīḥān, Archbishop of Cairo Maronite Church and head of the Maronite institutions in Egypt, offered his condolences to the victims of the explosion that took place yesterday in Beirut’s port. The Lebanese-Maronite Information and Cultural Center in Cairo issued a statement in which...
The Maronite Church is part of the Catholic Church, and recognizes the sovereignty of the Vatican. The headquarters of the Maronite Church in Bakarkī, Lebanon, and it has its own patriarch and bishops. It was founded by Patriarch Yūḥannā Mārūn in 687 AD in northern Syria. Yūḥannā Mārūn and his...
Christianity in the Arab World was flourishing in relative terms prior to the First World War and consequent break-up of the Ottoman Empire.
An Egyptian Coptic delegation flew to Lebanon on November 14 to attend the first conference organized by the European Union (EU) to discuss the conditions of Christians in the Middle East region.
This article gives a brief background on the various Christian communities in the Middle East, emphasizing the decline of the Christian population over the last century. This is a result of emigration to western Europe and America, driven by several factors, among them persecution
The Middle East Council of Churches has released the English version of its highly successful and informative book about the history of Christianity in the Middle East.
The number of Christians is seriously diminishing in Arab countries. Conflicts in the region are behind their collective emigration.
An in-depth look at the third annual report of the Citizenship Committee of the National Council for Human Rights [NCHR]. Particular focus is placed on missing Coptic women and the complaints that are lodged against public institutions.
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