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The spokesman of the General Council of the Apostolic Churches in Egypt, Rev. Jamīl Boutros, stated that under the auspices of the Dr. Safwat al- Bayādī, head of the Evangelical Community Council, the General Council of the Apostolic Churches in Egypt was held. The elections of the executive board...
Rev. Dr. Andrīyya Zakī, Head of the Evangelical Church in Egypt, participated in marking the 3rd day of the One Family Conference hosted by the Apostolic Church under the patronage of Pastor Nāṣir Katkūt, General President of the Apostolic Churches in Egypt.
  The new marital law for non-Muslim Egyptians have been criticized by Bāsim Naʿīm, a minister at St. Athanāsius Churches in Egypt and the Middle East.[1] [1] For more information: http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/archive/2006/803/eg1.htm 
The frist part of this recording is an interview with the Archbishop of the Aremenian Church in Turkey, Mesrob Mutfayan about the state of the church and the Armenian community in Turkey. The second part is a press conference with Natig Aliyev, the Director and President of the State...
This article gives a brief background on the various Christian communities in the Middle East, emphasizing the decline of the Christian population over the last century. This is a result of emigration to western Europe and America, driven by several factors, among them persecution
Watani International spoke to Bishop Bīshūy about ecumenical dialogue. He discusses the development of Christian dialogue and points that the different churches have come to agreements on over the years.
This article sheds light on the spreading social phenomenon, religiousness. It shows the great difference between false appearances and putting on the mask of religiousness, and the absent genuine religious values pointing out its negative effect on the society.
This article critiques the hold that religious institutions have over Egyptians and argues that they are an obstacle to the creation of a cohesive Egyptian identity.
The Italian TV film ’St. Peter’ staring ‘Umar al-Sharīf seems to have sparked a debate between the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church as it suggests that St. Peter the Apostle was the chief disciple, a view that the Orthodox Church denies.
On Tuesday, Pope Benedict will start a four-day visit to Turkey amidst growing protests in Istanbul and Ankara. Tens of thousands took to the streets and chanted anti-pope slogans, expressing their fury at the pope’s remarks on Islām which he made two months ago in a lecture at the University of...


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