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Today, the plenary session of the 129th session of the Synod of the Evangelical Nile of Egypt’s Presbyterian will take place at the headquarters of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in al-Azbakiyyah to prepare for the holding of new elections on the posts of President and Vice President on...
On Monday evening, the 129th plenary session of the Presbyterian Evangelical Synod of the Nile of Egypt was held at the headquarters of the Presbyterian Evangelical Church in al-Azbakīa. The meeting began with prayer and then the Reverent Rifʿat Fikrī, the head of the Synod of the Nile of the...
The first Coptic Tunes and Hymns Festival will be held on Tuesday, 30 April, under the title “Symphony” at Anbā Ruways Theater in St. Mark Cathedral of ‘Abbāssiyya.
The 33-year-old Dāliyyā Ihāb Yūnis is organizing the first Acapella workshop in Egypt.
The Youth and Sports Minister Ashraf Ṣubḥī met today with a group of German youth who are on a visit to Egypt as part of a tourist programme organized by the Coptic Orthodox Church.   
The churches, both in Egypt and throughout the world, cried over the Notre Dame fire that consumed the roof of the cathedral before toppling one of its massive towers.  
 "Fire knows no history", a saying echoed by the people in Paris when a fire erupted in Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most famous religious and touristic edifices worldwide. Many church leaders all over the world sent their thoughts and prayers to France in these hard times.
His Holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria, received a high-ranking delegation from the Evangelical Church in Germany on Monday at the Papal Residence, presided by Nādiyya al-Karshā Pastor of the Church of the Evangelical German Church in Egypt.
Karīm Kamāl, president of the organization General Union of Copts for the Homeland urged Egyptians who are living abroad to support current President al-Sīsī and to participate numerously in the presidential elections that are taking place on March 16, 17, and 18 for the Expats. Egyptians living...
The Egypt Copts Coalition called on Grand Shaykh of the Azhar Dr. Muhammad Sayīd Tantāwī to hold Islām, who is also the spokesman for the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), accountable over his fatwá to kill the protesters of August 24 demonstrations against the Muslim Brotherhood.


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