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The scene of Pope Francis meeting a delegation from South Sudan and kissing their feet hoping for an end to the civil war in their country is not the first of its kind, for his history is awash with situations that place him in the vanguard of peacemakers.  The following are some of the remarkable...
The Copts who observe the Western calendar around the world will celebrate the Easter Sunday on April 20th, while the Egyptian churches will celebrate it on April 28th of the same month. Next Sunday, Pope Francis of the Vatican will lead the Palm Sunday Mass and the Holy Week Mass in the...
Counselor Yūsuf Ṭalʿat, legal representative of the Evangelical Church, revealed the details of the meeting of the heads of the Egyptian churches at the papal headquarters at the Cathedral of St. Mark's in ʿAbbāsiyya.
The Vatican Pope Francis I washed the feet of 12 inmates including two girls, one of them is Serbian Muslim, who was born in Rome and the other is an Italian Catholic (No Author Mentioned, al-Sabāh, Mar. 30, p. 3). Read original text in Arabic.
A high-level German delegation led by Dr. Rev. Tharwat Qādis, chairman of the Council for Dialogue and Ecumenical Relations, arrived in Aswan en route to Luxor. The delegation will visit the Coptic Evangelical Church in Luxor and its affiliated schools.
On Sunday, Pope Tawāḍrūs‎ II will preside over the celebration of the Coptic Orthodox Virgin Mary Church in Maadi, commemorating the Holy Family’s journey to Egypt, especially since the church was one of the highlights of its journey. The celebration, organized by Bishop Dāniyyāl, Secretary of The...
Meanwhile, several Coptic leaders in Egypt expressed flat rejection against a conference called “No to marginalization and forced displacement” held on Saturday (Aug. 11) by Bishop Abākīr of Coptic Orthodox Church in Scandinavian countries, headquartered in Sweden.  
It's been five years since Pope Tawāḍrūs II of Alexandria, started his papacy. During this term, he was keen to introduce multiple changes in the church system.
Fr. Isisaurus al-Samuely, priest of MarMorcosChurch in Zurich, Switzerland,stated that Egypt about 12 million Christian citizens, and that there is no possibility that all of them seek asylum within Europe. 
Pope Tawadros led in a church in Canada the prayers of the Nayrūz Feast (Coptic New Year) which was attended by a number of Coptic priests. 


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