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This article outlines a working paper released by the Vatican outlining the issue of Christians throughout the Middle East.  
Lam‘ī reports on the western inference in the Middle East region and the role of Arabs in resistance. 
This article explains Sādiq’s claim that the use of Nile Water in Egypt can be used to the benefit of Coptic activists. He calls on Ethiopia to use Nile water as a bargaining tool for Coptic rights in Egypt. 
The Egyptian ambassador, Shāmil Nāsir, was transferred, as per request by the Canadian Coptic Organization, from Canada to Thailand due to a letter that he sent to the Church warning them against the negative consequences of the demonstrations organized by the expatriate Copts in Canada.   
The Nag Hammadi sectarian crime which took place on Coptic Christmas Eve, 6 January, and which left six Copts dead and nine wounded, triggered wide protest and rallies by Copts in places as wide apart as Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Athens and Sydney. Mary Joseph sent Watani live...
Jayson Casper responds to two articles in this week's issue about reports of expatriate Copts' calls for Christians in Egypt to carry arms to defend themselves.
The article highlights the recent developments surrounding Bishop Maximus, the alleged patriarch, and specialists’ opinions on the issue.
Watani International spoke to Bishop Bīshūy about ecumenical dialogue. He discusses the development of Christian dialogue and points that the different churches have come to agreements on over the years.
The author describes various positions on the demonstrations of Expatriate Copts abroad. Foreign countries, the Egyptian government, and the Coptic organization seem to be little affected by these demonstrations.
Tony Blair’s conversion to Catholicism should set the example for conversion in Egypt. Blair’s conversion took place after a long period of preparation and catechism. In spite of the bloody history of the relations between the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church, neither of the churches have...


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