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Walīd ‘Urābī writes on the recent visit of Coptic activist Michael Munīr to Egypt.
A three-day conference was held in the Swiss city of Zurich under the title of “Egyptian Copts … a Minority under Siege.” The conference, in which some suspicious agencies participated, started on Thursday and concluded on Saturday. A look at the titles of the papers discussed during the conference...
Today Turkey is attempting to join the European Union and become the link between the Christian West and the Muslim East, but without wars or armies this time. Will the Europeans give a chance for the two cultures to be joined?
This is the full text of the summary published in Watani, April 26, 1998
The Al-Midan article of September 5 in the RNSAW [week 36A, art. 17] mistakes Pius the Fourth for Pius the Ninth. When this pope referred to the Jews as ’dogs’ , he was following the general trend of anti-Semitism in the history of the Churches.
Nasr presents Shenouda’s opinions on various Jewish-Christian and Israeli-Arab issues. Shenouda voiced these opinions while meeting with journalistic writer Sana’ Al-Said. Rather than trying to embellish his words, Shenouda presented his views in a series of abrupt statements, which Al-Said then...
A schedule of a visit of Pope John Paul II to Egypt is given.
Iran has disarmed against its number one public enemy Salman Rushdie who was hunted by the Fatwa (Islamic religious decree) declared by the late Ayatollah Khomeni, and issued more than nine years ago.
The recent agreement between Britain and Iran revokes the ’Fatwa’(Islamic Decree) asking for the blood of Salman Rushdie who was denounced as an apostate by the late Ayatollah Khomeni.
Because of the attack of Selim Naguib, the RNSAW included the full text of the Report of the Council of Churches which concludes "It does not appear that the national government condones any acts of persecution of the Christian minority in Egypt." But " This is not to say that there is no...


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