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Introduction: Inclusive citizenship seeks to go beyond the intellectual debates of recent years on democratization and participation to explore a related set of issues around changing conceptions of citizenship. Peoples’ understandings of what it means to be a citizen go to the heart of various...
Cornelis Hulsman, founding editor of Arab-West Report, and Gurjinder Khambay, second-year student in International Studies at Leiden University, The Netherlands, specializing in the Middle East, interviewed Dr. Jan Slomp, a major leader in Christian-Muslim dialogue at all levels, through Webex, on...
Professor Hoda Awad joined the group for a presentation about the Egyptian constitution. She started by discussing the basics of democracy and constitutions. She explained to us that democracies had six elements or conditions. Firstly, there is the presence of democratic institutions and...
In this article, Egyptian researcher Dr. Kamāl Ḥabīb narrows down ten writings that he believes lay the foundation for using violence and explicitly call for it under the concepts of al-ḥākimiyya [God’s sovereignty], defending Muslim lands, and applying the sharīʿah [Islamic law]. 
Palestinian factions gathered in Cairo announced their commitment to a time table for presidential and legislative elections.  They also confirmed that the elections will take place in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza without exception and promised to respect and accept the results. 
Controversy hits Egyptian social media days before the tenth anniversary of the January Revolution, as the regime brands the 25th of January as a National Police day, as well as announcing the issuance of a coin bearing the slogan ‘January 25 is Egypt's Police day’.
A few weeks ago, Turkish authorities released an Egyptian terrorist sentenced to death in Egypt for his role in the Kerdasa [Kirdāsa] Massacre after detaining him for six months without explaining the reason for his detention or his subsequent release.
A human rights delegation visited Ṭura Prison and inspected the prisoners’ living conditions there after accepting an invitation from the Ministry of Interior.
The Cairo Criminal Court held on Sunday a conference for looking at an imprisonment renewal order for the Egyptian lawyer, Hudā ʿAbd al-Munʿim, and the detainee ‘Āi’sha al-Shāṭir daughter of the prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Khayrat al-Shāṭir.
On Sunday morning, the Ministry of Interior organized a tour inside Egypt’s Prisons Authority for human rights organizations and foreign media outlets to inspect prison conditions.


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