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Robert Fisk ponders why the Middle East is so backward and why the area has so many dictators and so many human rights.
In a workshop organized by the Center for Arab West Understanding, representatives of sixteen Egyptian non-governmental organizations discussed the challenges involved in increasing their participation in the evolution of civil society. Article full text: In a workshop organized by the Center for...
The residents of Mallawī in Upper Egypt protested last week about a bridge over the Nile that is being near their villages but that does not yet have ramps that lead to their villagers. Local residents argue that they are being forced to use dangerous ferries to cross the Nile because of the lack...
Shukrī looks at the recent government decision to slaughter all pigs in Egypt and the effects it will have on the garbage collectors who breed them.
Watani visited the areas of Cairo where garbage collectors breed pigs to see the effects the decision to slaughter pigs is having on them.
Samīr reports on pig breeders who have tried to stop the authorities from taking away their animals to be slaughtered.
Young people attack Bahā’īs’ houses in an Upper Egyptian village.
The author reviews the three volume selected works of Tarek Heggy, the liberal Egyptian political thinker and international petroleum strategist.
In recent years Egyptians’ fears about the lack of political liberalization have been allayed by the economic liberalization however in light of the global financial crisis it looks as though the economic reform may also be negatively affected.
The Ministry of Economic Development in Egypt prepared what it called the “map of poverty” in which the 1000 poorest villages were identified. The government is discussing the possible ways to fight poverty and develop the villages.


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