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An Egyptian initiative for human rights will be taking place in Cairo next Tuesday. Its main aim is to declare some facts regarding the violence against, and the forced displacement of the al-ʿArīsh Copts; the initiative is known as “The Declared Death”. 
The civil society is now playing a crucial role in fighting extremism and ignorance, said Secretary General of the ‘For Egypt’ organization in Alexandria, Egypt, `Abd al-Halīm `Allām.
Thank you to the honourable al-Azhar, who finally responded to the demands of the President and the people – demands of truth, righteousness, beauty, and progress. Al-Azhar finally decided on the participation of the forces of enlightenment to confront the forces of darkness that promote hate...
The Coptic woman's ambition never ends; she is tireless, and never gives up trying to get her rights, especially in facing the church’s legacy of dominance over women’s affairs.
Dāʿish, also known as "ISIS". the terrorist organization, has acknowledged its failure to create sectarian strife within the Egyptian society. The latest issue of the organization’s weekly magazine " al-Naba”, said with regard to the recent church bombings in Tanta and Alexandria: "The predominant...
The final statement issued by the International Symposium, which concluded in Fez, called for the United Nations to adopt a law criminalizing hate speech against the three monotheistic religions, similar to the anti-Semitism laws.
Three speeches by Pope Francis on Friday focused on eight key issues, including dialogue, Christian rights, uniting Christian communities, renouncing violence and calling for peace. The speeches mark the conclusion of Pope Francis’ first two-day visit to Egypt.
Asrār al-Usbūʿa:  The Endowment District of Alexandria announces on Saturday an advocacy program to be held during the month of Shaʿabān, that includes organizing weekly advocacy convoys, lessons, and religious nights teaching about “the change of the Qibla, a valuable lesson”.
Is the country serious about combating terrorism? I don't think so, it's like a country whose fiercely fighting its atonement, but the cost of this is paid by Christians, and intellectuals.
The Islamic political groups, the Brotherhood [Muslim Brotherhood] foremost among them, continue using the slogan "Islam is The Solution". These groups have adopted the slogan to appeal to the emotionality of many simple people, who consider it to be the magic key for all the problems faced by the...


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