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The head of the Central Press Administration for the Central and East Delta of Tanta, Fatima al-Dimardāsh inaugurated a new campaign under the motto “Egypt Confronts Terrorism.” The campaign will last for a month and consists of informational sessions attempting to change popular opinion and raise...
Grand imām of al Azhar, Ahmad al-Tayyib, stated that our relationship with the West needs no more than dialogue and cooperation that demands efforts from both sides.
Al- Nusrah Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant continued their warfare despite the calls of Qa’ida leader, Ayman al- Zawāhirī, call upon them to stop fighting.
Anonymous sources stated to al-Watan that security forces arrested a new cell that is accused of espionage for a foreign country.
Yāssir Burhamī, vice president of the Da’wah al- Salafiah, stated that his fatwa pertaining to a man allowing his wife to be raped if he is threatened with death has been misinterpreted.
The Ansār Bayt al- Maqdis announced its responsibility for the explosions that led to the death of three army conscripts and injuring 11 others in Sinai and Cairo yesterday.
Egyptian Columnist Saḥar al-Jaʿārah writes this week: It is not surprising that from time to time there are calls for "polygamy". However, polygamy is no solution to the spinsterhood crisis; it is in fact a consecration of the idea of , al-Misyār marriage, literally, the traveler’s marriage,  which...
Bishop Ibrāhīm Isḥāq, Patriarch of the Church of Alexandria for the Coptic Catholics and head of the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops of Egypt (ACPBE), participated in the 64th session of the Munich Security Conference.
Al- Da’wah al- Salafia continues its confrontation with the Ministry of Endowments. 
Dr. Taha Awadayn al- Ikrimī, member of the public bureau of the international union for the youth of al- Azhar and Sufis, stated that the Muslim Brotherhood aimed at eradicating the Sufis of the Azhar as they were believed to be more dangerous in the ideological conflict of the Brothers against the...


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